No, Seriously these are absolutely crazy dunks that happen off of a bridge.

Just when we thought no slam dunk show could ever top the befitting finale during the 2016 NBA’s slam dunk contest, Dunking Devils have defied the odds by pushing the limits of what is actually possible in freestyle basketball dunking.

And because the group felt that using trampoline, as many people always do when they want to perform breathtaking freestyle basketball dunks, is boring and too common, they resorted to insane measures to take the freestyle dunking game to an unforeseen level.

The team that comes from Slovenia suspended a basketball hoop under a railway bridge, 32ft above Sava River in Ljubljanica, Slovenia before acrobatically using swing ropes to pull off some astonishing dunking moves. The video looks as though they’re having one hell of a time, and they certainly have our approval as the world’s leading basketball dunk team.