Playing Pool Doesn’t Get Better than Poolmoji

Even though a game of billiards is a playful activity that helps a lot of people wind down after a long hard day, it can at times get a tad boring.  So to discard that boredom, French digital artist Jean-Baptiste Le Divelec has come up with a playful collection of billiard balls that are based on popular culture of emoticon figures and faces known as emojis.

Known as Poolmoji, these pool table balls are painted to take the shape of various emoticons to make the game more amusing. In collaboration with his friends Joseph Davies, Winigreeni, Xuan Pham and Sonali Ranjit, Jean-Baptiste painted each ball with a given facial expression to depict different forms of personality characters such as ‘face with head-bandage’, ‘crying with laughter’, ‘sunglasses’, and ‘flushed face’.

This concept of emoji-painted billiard balls is set to take pool game lovers by storm given that they’re cute, cool, funny and bring a playful side to the balls and to the game itself.

Poolmoji 01 Poolmoji 02 Poolmoji 03 Poolmoji 04 Poolmoji 05 Poolmoji 06 Poolmoji 07 Poolmoji 08 Poolmoji 09 Poolmoji 10 Poolmoji 11 Poolmoji 12