Our favorite defender of all things with balls is back again and this time he means business.

Scott Sterling is back, and this time he undoubtedly proves that he know how to use his head – ok, maybe his face is more accurate – no matter what sport he’s playing. In an absolutely hilarious video posted on YouTube by Studio C, he turns up for Yale men’s volleyball team in a collegiate match against UNC. To the amazement of everybody in the stadium, Sterling becomes an unlikely hero as he repeatedly turns back the opponents’ spikes painfully time and time again.

The uproarious, yet shocking video was just posted on the internet and has already garnered more than 1.4 million views. It shows Sterling putting his face on the line to help his volleyball team come out with a miraculous win. As one of commentators put it, “Sterling is one character that will never go down without a big fight.”

This is not the first time that Sterling’s face has come to the rescue of his team. Over a year ago, Sterling (or rather his face) became the hero of his team in the most epic soccer penalty shootout that you’ll ever come across.

Even though this latest video contains some seriously outlandish elements watching it will bring you to tears – not sure if they’ll be empathy or comedy!