These thrill seekers have their own adrenalized version of Burning Man.

A bunch of daredevils chose to spend the Thanksgiving in a quite different manner. They spent the holiday in a way that will induce vertigo in even the most daring and experienced stuntmen. They tied a colossal pentagon-shaped hammock some 400 feet above the Moab Desert in Utah and spent time majestically walking on its ropes, resting on it and jumping off of it.

Known as the Moab Monkeys, the group is a bunch of over fifty thrill seekers who are slack liners, filmmakers, high liners and base jumpers who get together once a year to catch up and test their limits. In this unforgettable meetup, these thrill seekers gathered at the Moab Desert that is famous for its deep cliffs, canyons, Mars-like land formations and away from it all.

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The 2,000 sq. ft. hammock installation that was named ‘Mothership Space Net Penthouse’ and was the brainchild of 28-year-old experienced base jumper, Andy Lewis. Lewis, who has previously performed in a Super Bowl Halftime Show, led the group in designing the hand-woven hammock before tethering it with ropes into the surrounding red rocks.

After finishing their perilous installation, these daredevils, including Lewis, walked the length of the ropes of the 400-feet-high hammock before eventually taking rest on the giant hammock, which could hold around 15 people.  The nerve-racking photographs and footage from the event captures Lewis dangling from one of the ropes upside down by his legs. Some of these madcap daredevils were see bungee diving from the hammock while others chose to jump off the hammock using parachutes.

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Recalling the event, which is slated to become an annual occasion, Lewis said;

“We performed very many perilous stunts and no one was injured. It was a massive undertaking and we absolutely rocked it.”

Brian Mosbaugh, 29, who was the photographer at the event, said that they are all eagerly waiting for this year’s occasion and will make history with their vertigo-inducing vertical circus.

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