Japanese Pro Basketball has Raving LED Courts!

It’s one thing to enjoy the excitement that basketball games gives by checking out all the players’ moves and action on the court, and another to find excitement in the court itself!

Well, if that’s confused you then all you need to do is check out this Japanese Pro Basketball game and you will know just what we’re talking about.

The Japanese B-League is one of the most popular basketball leagues in Japan and this competition is like no other, taking the game to the next level, at least in terms of presentation and technology.

The courts are lit up with LED graphics, but when you take second closer look you’ll ses that these aren’t just LED lights projected onto the courts, but that the courts themselves have LED floors. The announcements are loud, reminding you of those over-the-top WWE introductions of wrestlers, and for added effect, there are even flames that go up every now and then.

The entire experience leaves you with a feeling of being at a rave party than a professional basketball game.  Here are a few fan tweets that give you an idea of all that’s rocking the basketball world in Japan.

Even if you’re an NBA die hard fan and just can’t fathom watching any other league,  these Japanese B-League games are sure to get you hooked on the high showbiz quotient that they have.

Whether the loud LED courts, the flaming sidelines and the extraordinary lighting arrangements make this league interesting or not is a matter of taste, but you have to   check out this video.


Japanese Pro Basketball was looking for a huge boost to make sure it stayed on top of sports lovers’ minds in Japan and with this new concept, we have a feeling they might have stumbled onto something even the NBA might look at in the future.