While somewhat improbable to understand these ski bums decided to take on a mountain of different sorts.

Imagine what would happen if you were to refurbish an old truck into a definitive ski-vehicle, pack it with your like-minded professional skiers and hit a massive road trip in search of the white powder? An absolute expedition of a lifetime, no doubt.

While we can only fantasize about such a blockbuster journey, that’s exactly what professional skier, Fabian Lentsch and his Snowmad crew did. For the past four months, the Red Bull-sponsored crew has been going around the world touring some of the most unlikely ski destinations including the Middle East.

After covering thousands of miles in freezing cold areas, the 22-year-old Austrian and his crew decided to further their mind-blowing skiing adventures by visiting the dry lunar landscape of a desert in Iran. Their van-life took them to Qeshm Island, a vast landmass off the coast of Iran.

As they were riding on this infinite landscape, they saw some sprawling mountains in the horizon that looked like the Alaska spines. On a closer look, they discovered that there was no snow, but even the 81 degrees temperature couldn’t stop them from achieving their dreams of skiing in such a place.

Dressed in their protective gears, the crew donned their helmets, ski boots and took their amazing skiing skills to the hard-packed sand dunes. If this steep desert spine skiing is not cool enough for you, nothing will possibly be. You just have to watch this extraordinary video.