Life or death maneuvers made him a little nervous at times.

To extreme snowmobiler and Minnesota native Levi LaVallee, “taking it to the street” has a whole new meaning: urban snowmobiling. Levi, a seven-time X Games gold medalist, recently navigated streets and obstacles in Saint Paul, Minnesota on his tricked out snowmobile.

LaVallee said,

“As a kid, you’re always looking at things like ‘Oh, I could probably jump that,’ when you’re driving through a city. To be able to actually go do that, it was like a fairy tale.” He added, “I remember touring the capital. To think that all of that stuff I went and looked at as a kid, now I’m jumping and doing these amazing stunts. That was a pretty cool feeling.”

In the four-and-a-half minute clip that was shot with the help of Red Bull, LaVallee shows his incredible snowmobiling skills and strong vision as he glides through the streets of the grey snowy city and flies over the its buildings in what looks like an impossible feat. He races all over the city and jumps over the city’s iconic spots such as the Capitol building, the cathedral, the Science Museum, Harriet Island and Mickey’s Diner.

LaVallee had nothing but praise for the city of Saint Paul, stating,

“Saint Paul was awesome. They were super supportive of the project, and all of the people helping us out – the police and everyone blocking the roads – were amazing. The whole project went really smooth.”

LaVallee resorts to extreme jumps that are frightening and entertaining in equal measures. Even though he manages to conquer every obstacle in front of him, LaVallee admits that the potential consequences are all in his mind knowing that a simple error may turn into a fatal accident. “Going over an 80-foot hole next to a garage is not easy. To jump over that, you actually got no room for any error. If you don’t successfully make it over the hole, it puts you in a matter of life and death,” he says.

When asked what his favorite part of the city was to navigate, LaVallee replied,

“The Harriet Island section, we shot that whole thing straight through one time, just to do it, and it was incredible. I’ve raced snowmobiles, and done freestyle, and distance jumped, and it was just crazy to be doubling my way up stairs and jumping off the platform where people would normally be hanging out. To do that all in one sequence was like my childhood dream, right there.”

There you go, dreams do come true.

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