It was just a matter of time, but man is this ever cool.

Snowboarding is a pretty cool winter sport that is enjoyed by many people across snowy parts of the world. But with drone technology becoming a common thing, this is about to change as consumers are finding creative ways to use these drones in less invasive ways than the militaristic methods of using drones. True to that, a highly inventive father, Kaspars Balamovskis, is now on the news for introducing a new sport known as droneboarding.

Drones are already in the glare of publicity with the attention that Drone Racing League is attracting around the world. But this ordinary father is taking the drone game to the next level with his very unique idea. Almost similar to snowboarding or wakeboarding, Kaspars came up with droneboarding. The inventive father improvised these popular winter sports by attaching a rope and a handle to a powerful drone and letting it take a snowboarder for a ride in the snow.

In a video that he posted online, the father dressed his kid in full snowboarding gear and tied him to a cable connected to the powerful drone that pulled the kid across the snowy path. The sport that looks almost similar to kite boarding on land is later shown pulling a fully grown man in a video posted by another YouTuber, Valplushka. In the first clip, the kid is probably the world’s maiden and youngest droneboarder. On the other hand, Valplushka’s video also shows that these powerful drones can also pull a fully grown adult.

This refreshing idea of droneboarding has viewers talking all over the internet with many suggesting that the drone’s battery should have a disconnection switch should anything go wrong. Nonetheless, it’s official; droneboarding is here with us.