The ancient art of top spinning.

Spintop is an art that requires extreme precision and it involves rotor launchers using a rope wrapped around a wooden top to accurately launch and pitch the spinning tops to a given place or platform. Now, imagining a group of elderly men throwing these spinning tops across the room with unbelievable accuracy will make you know that it’s an art that requires many years of training.

In a video posted by Kuma Films, a group of Taiwanese men perform spintop trick shots using a variety of tops. These spintop snipers not only captivate the imagination of passers, but also perform their feats with far-fetched accuracy that makes the tightrope shots look so easy. What makes it even more absurd is that these men have to toss these spinning tops into increasingly challenging spots like on a person’s head.

Their tricks are not just crazy goos, they’re spellbinding.