The internet is aghast over this own goal in the Italian league.

Even after insisting that ‘these things happen’ social media still cannot come to terms with what Sassuolo goalkeeper, Andrea Consigli, was thinking when he scored one of the most bizarre own goals you’ll ever see.

With full-time approaching in an Italian Serie A soccer match between Fiorentina and Sassuolo on Sunday, the Italian keeper side-footed the ball into his own net while under no pressure at all from the opposition. Sassuolo were already 2-1 down against Fiorentina, but his mistake presented the home side with a priceless third goal.

In a post-match interview, the 29-year-old said:

“I felt really bad after the bizarre incident, but these things happen and we must try and forget them.”

Nonetheless, his absolutely horrendous own-goal is truly not acceptable at this professional level, and will definitely go down as one of the most absurdly bad and comical mistakes in the history of soccer.