This person says that she had no idea that a Bear was chasing her down the hill while she was boarding.

A contentious clip of a woman snowboarder being chased by a bear has been making rounds on the internet, but many people are questioning its authenticity. The video shows snowboarder, Kelly Murphy, riding down the slopes of Hakuba 47 Winter Sports Park in Japan while happily singing along to Rihanna’s song ‘Work’ with her headphones on as she films her escapade on a selfie video. The footage shows the student from Sydney, Australia strapping herself in for set off before speeding down the hill.

However, the main talking point of this viral video is when a large bear suddenly appears and start coming after her. She seems totally oblivious of this dangerous encounter with the animal or at least that’s what the video appears to show. Although the bear never catches up with her, the footage has raised shock, awe, and amidst all that, a heated argument whether it’s real or just a hoax.

While a few growls and glimpses of the bear running behind Kelly are evident in the video, it looks to be down to some crafty editing by an amateur graphics design student who carefully adds the charging beast.

Do you think it’s real or just another fake viral video? Like this one…

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