Well the Bundesliga has always been a football league where things are done a bit differently and their fans are no different.  Check out this very interesting manner which these fans express their displeasure.

Borussia Dortmund fans are certainly among the most passionate sports fans in the world. For many years, these fans have ardently supported their German soccer club with high levels of passion and never shy away from airing their opinions on their team’s performance. Whether it requires them to engage rival fans or to air their disgust at what they feel is discrimination against them or their team, they are always ready to protest, and always do it in a sensational way. This time round, they took their protestation levels to another unforeseen height.

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It was not about their team’s performance, in fact, they won the comfortably won game. However, that would not sooth them from airing their disgust in what they felt was fleecing their pockets dry. Borussia was playing away at VFB Stuttgart’s Mercedes-Benz Arena in the quarter finals of the DFB Pokal Cup, but their fans furiously protested high ticket prices by throwing tennis balls onto the pitch.

Even before throwing the tennis balls onto the pitch, Borussia fans had boycotted the first 20 minutes of the match to show their disgust at being charged on the upwards of $36 for the game. During the 20 minutes boycott, they had erected a banner reading: “Soccer should be affordable” at the away end of the stadium.

In throwing the tennis balls into the field to halt the game, which their team comfortably emerged winners, the famous yellow and black fans were thought to pass a message that soccer fans should not be forced to pay as much as tennis fans. They wanted to show their displeasure and ensure that their action would bar other teams from holding them at ransom. Many teams across Europe are known to charges Borussia fan over the roof as they are known to follow their beloved team in throngs wherever the team play.

This headline-capturing incident took place just a few days after Liverpool fans in the English Premier League staged their own protest by walking out of their Anfield Stadium on the 77th minute. This was during their team’s match against Sunderland to show their displeasure for having to pay more than $92 to watch their team play at home.

Despite these protests from Borussia Dortmund fans, Stuggart officials maintained that their ticket charges were fair enough and affordable. It remains to be seen whether football clubs will reduce their ticket prices or continue charging what fans perceive as unethically over-the-top prices.