Vince Carter has nothing on this guy.

This is probably the best dunk you will ever see thrown by someone below six feet. Anyone who might have told Melvin Lee that trying to dunk at his 5-foot-5 height was impossible must now eat a humble pie. The 5’5 point guard from Riverside University High School in Wisconsin did not let two defenders deter him as he soared through the lane and split them on his way to a monster dunk.

This is a video that must be shown to everyone who might have doubted his dunking abilities in the past. The basketball season may be on and we are likely to see some astonishing dunks from the NBA, college basketball and at High School level. Whatever comes our way, Melvin’s dunk will surely remain as one the top drawer highlights as he portrays his gravity-defying athleticism and acts as an inspiration to vertically-challenged basketball players.

Many have already noted that standing at 5’5 is diminutive, even for the best talented guards. The way Melvin contends at the rim under the pressure from two gigantic defenders is miraculous. He forcefully drives to the front side of the free throw line and jams the ball home with authority and in utmost fashion leaving his two opponents with nothing to do.

Melvin may still be a junior, who is yet to create much interest from college scouts, but with this video and the skills involved in it, we can be sure that a lot of interest will soon be coming his way. The way he powerfully slams the ball home between two 6-feet defenders will wary every other opponent. They will never look at him like any other miniature guard again.