Well at least King of the Drone World as this British teen just won the Dubai’s World Drone Prix.

A British teenager has just won $250,000 after piloting his drone to first in the inaugural edition of World Drone Prix in Dubai.  Luke Bannister, a 15-year-old, from Somerset, England displayed his mesmerizing flying skills to lead his Tornado X-Blades Banni UK team to the podium and win the biggest prize in the $1 million dollars that were up for grab at the event.

All of the youngster’s skills were captured on camera, showing him piloting his drone along an outdoor track during the much anticipated finals.  He steered the drone through a series of illuminated hoops and watched from a first-person viewpoint through his custom lenses. Bannister’s speed and precision were captured by the highly-sensitive camera that was mounted to the front of the drone, which showed how the young drone racer beat out competition from 150 other teams form around the world on his way to the podium, and in the process beat the hometown favorites, the Dubai Dronetek, who took second place.

The event that had more than 2,000 people turn up to see the racers compete live in which four drone racers at a time sat in racing-style seats, wearing goggles that allowed them to have the first-person view of their drones, compete.  They raced their drones along a white track for 12 laps with the Dubai Marina behind them. They were guided on the 591-meter track with glowing fluorescent lights and were allowed to take at least one pit stop to allow them change their batteries.

Drone racing has become massively popular over the last year and the World Drone Prix in Dubai is one of the biggest droning events with a prize pool of $1 million dollars.  The sport has attracted a lot of investors including some NFL team owners, but still has a long way to go to break into the traditional mainstream with the main challenge being how to allow fans watch the races live. Nonetheless, watching the deftness with which Bannister controlled his drone to victory in Dubai is a thrilling, if not a somewhat stomach-churning, experience. The new King has been crowned.