While we don’t think he actually tried to, he gets some major air time.

Dogs and the outdoors make a combination that usually spells for a whole lot of fun. Sometimes, they exhaust us by asking us to join in, and being the untiring animals that they are, they can really wear us out.

The smarter ones though, make up some moves of their own, asking their humans to do nothing more than give their plans a nudge or two when required.

Here’s one dog who looked like he wanted to experience how it would feel if he didn’t just jump into the water (all dogs do that) but flew into it instead. And boy was he innovative about it!

Running onto a water slide at just the right moment, this canine daredevil hitched a free flight into the water, and even swam back in a hurry, so we’re guessing he wanted to do it again and again and again….

Was this an accident or did this dog just outsmart everyone by innovating his own water slide move? You decide.