This rescued wombat figures he needs chip in around the house.

Just in case you’re one of those people who are bad at doing laundry and can’t figure out how to separate your whites from your darks or can’t figure out the right heat to set the dryer at, you may consider taking a few notes from Tonka the wombat. Going by this video, it’s safe to say that Tonka is probably the most diligent wombat in the world. He’s so meticulous that he has set new standards for what a house worker should actually be doing.

In a video that was captured by Donna Stepan from the Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary in NSW, Australia, the curious marsupial provides enough evidence that he definitely knows his way around a laundry appliance. He is seen straightening up on his hind legs to investigate the contents of the maching, before doing quality control like a pro. Even with the noises that can be heard in the background, Tonka doesn’t get distracted from finishing the chores at hand in an inspiring way.

Despite all his adorable abilities, the wombat has had it pretty rough after his mom was struck and killed by a car in his native Australia before his adoptive shelter ended up being destroyed by a cyclone. These unfortunate events understandably made him sluggish to the point that his handlers diagnosed him with clinical depression. But after finding a brilliant solution to his problems, we can only wish that they could get him to start making house calls.