Ok, this is one of the cutest vampires we’ve ever seen

If you’re looking for a little something to adorably lighten up your day, Huff the Hedgehog is here for you. He will probably make you want a hedgehog as your next pet. The lovable palm-size critter is taking Instagram by storm and has so far amassed more than 31,000 followers thanks to his “vampire teeth” that affords him a funny and endearing smile.

The three-year-old African pygmy hedgehog was adopted by Carolyn Parker. The Utah student admitted that she began taking Huff’s pictures and started posting them online to help her avoid seasonal depression. Parker was so impressed by Huff’s strangely long front teeth, which has definitely made him an internet celebrity.

“All hedgehogs have long front teeth, but it seems Huff’s are slightly more pronounced,” Parker said.

Take a look at Huff’s coolly delectable photos on his Instagram and you’ll surely agree with Parker that Huff is insanely cute. You can’t just avoid loving his little grumpy face.