Ge your mind out of the gutter…we’re talking about animals that have formed bonds outside of their own species.

A Cat and A Fox

Cats seldom get along with dogs in their house, so it was really surprising when a fisherman found one white feline getting cozy with a wild fox. This friendship has bloomed on the shores of Lake Van in Turkey and the pictures, although only a few, certainly lead us to believe that there’s hope for our pets yet.

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Bubbles and Bella: An Elephant and a Dog

Elephants certainly don’t have a lot in common with dogs, especially when you take their sizes into consideration.  Well, that hasn’t stopped Bubbles the African elephant and Bella the black Labrador from becoming best friends. Honestly, size wasn’t much of an issue when Bella first arrived at the Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina as a 300-pound baby elephant, but soon enough, she grew up to be a full-sized 9000-pound animal, but that hasn’t stopped these friends from frolicking, swimming and plain old cuddling.

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Mtani and Kasi: A Dog and a Cheetah

Mtani the Labrador met Kasi a baby cheetah and the two immediately hit it off.  Kasi is now a full-grown cheetah and the friendship between the two hasn’t waned a bit and makes for some beautiful pictures.

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Torque and Shrek: A Dog and an Owl

Torque, the dog, has certainly taken the softhearted tag to the next level, making friends with Shrek the owl! As a six-month old puppy, Torque first became friends with Shrek, and the two have been inseparable ever since, and boy do the two make a beautiful couple.

unusual-animal-friendship-2-1 unusual-animal-friendship-2-2

Tinni and Sniffer: A Dog and a Wild Fox

Now, we all know that some breeds of dogs look just like foxes, but we also know that these are very different animals.  Add to this the hatred that dogs share for most wild animals, and you know that there can probably be no good connection between these two creatures. Well, Tinni the dog and Sniffer the fox prove us wrong here, striking an unusual and almost magical friendship in the forests of Norway.  The two hang out and probably get up to no good while romping away the day.

unusual-animal-friendship-1-3 unusual-animal-friendship-1-4 unusual-animal-friendship-1-5 unusual-animal-friendship-1-6

Fred and Dennis: A Dog and a Duckling

Ducks are cute, and ducklings are even cuter, and while these little birds have been known to live in harmony with dogs, the friendship between Fred the dog and Dennis the duckling – a rescued chick – certainly take the relationship quotient to the next level. We can almost hear the rhythm of the quacks and barks.

unusual-animal-friendship-4-1 unusual-animal-friendship-4-2

Milo and Bonedigger: A Dog and a Lion

Here’s a friendship that’s unusual by shape, size and more! Milo’s a cute little dachshund and Bonedigger, a 500-pound giant of a lion, but the concepts of weight size and species has hardly done anything to dampen the friendship spirit here. Bonedigger is friendly with two other dachshunds, but Milo’s & Bonedigger clearly have a special friendship.

unusual-animal-friendship-6-1 unusual-animal-friendship-6-2

Wilma and Bea: An Ostrich and a Giraffe!

Now, this one’s as unique as it can get – an ostrich and a giraffe getting pally with each other! Wilma’s an ostrich and Bea, a giraffe, and the two have clearly hit it off together. There are even rumors that something more than just friendship could be doing the rounds at Busch Gardens in the US, where these two call home.

unusual-animal-friendship-10-1 unusual-animal-friendship-10-2 unusual-animal-friendship-10-3

Shere Khan, Baloo and Leo: A Tiger, a Bear, and a Lion!

Now this one’s straight out of a Rudyard Kipling story, except that in real life, the tiger Shere Khan and Baloo the bear are real friends, and in this story, there’s Leo the lion too! Forming a trio that are rocking the ways of friendship in an amazing way, Shere Khan, Baloo and Leo have found a new friendship and even new lives after being rescued from the clutches of a drug dealer. They now call the Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary, home.

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A Deer and a Wild Rabbit

A beautiful photograph clicked by Tanja Askani shows a wild deer endearingly nuzzling a little wild rabbit. No more stories on this unique pair of friends are known, although we hope and pray that they have continued their beautiful friendship in the wild.  Its the real life Bambi.


Suryia and Roscoe: An Orangutan and a Dog

We’ve often heard of monkeys and dogs hitting it off but Suryia the orangutan and Roscoe the dog make for the best examples indeed. The two now spend some quality time together at an animal rescue sanctuary in the US, posing for some amazing photographs and enjoying some cooling off time together.

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Candy and Mani: A Dog and a Wild Boar Piglet

Talk of a wild boar and you know you have an animal that seldom gets along with any other. Well, Candy the Jack Russell has changed all that, striking a beautiful bond with Mani the wild boar piglet, and together, these two make the Dahlhaus household a lively one.

unusual-animal-friendship-8-1 unusual-animal-friendship-8-2 unusual-animal-friendship-8-3

Anjana the Chimpanzee and the Tiger Cubs

When an unfortunate hurricane separated two white tiger cubs from their mother, little did anyone imagine that these cute fur balls would find a parent in another member of the animal kingdom – a chimpanzee.  Anjana has certainly taken over the role of a mother here, and the bond these animals share indeed has loads of lessons for us.

unusual-animal-friendship-15-1 unusual-animal-friendship-15-2 unusual-animal-friendship-15-3 unusual-animal-friendship-15-4

Kate and Pippin: A Dog and a Deer

Pippin was only a baby deer when she struck up a friendship with Kate the dog, and now, even when she lives with her family in the forest, their friendship continues.

unusual-animal-friendship-14-2 unusual-animal-friendship-14-1 maxresdefault ISO9059-2-700x300

All these friendships are exceptional in their own ways, and certainly make for the most beautiful stories, in pictures and otherwise!