Nothing Says I Missed You Like Warm Cuddles

Animal shelters are a blessing to our four-legged and even two-legged friends. Volunteers at these shelters act as rescuers, caregivers and fosters to animals who are in trouble or have been abandoned by their previous owners.

Of course, they are also a blessing to many humans, for without them, the process of adopting animals just wouldn’t be such an easy affair.

Thanks to the time they spend with animals, these volunteers have plenty of amazing stories to tell too.

Here’s one that is all about the love two sister cats shared with each other during the time at a shelter.

When the tinier cat was taken out of the kennel she shared with her sister by a prospective adopter, the bigger one missed her so much even in those few minutes, that she simply had to cuddle and show her love once the little one came back inside.

This one you have to watch to feel all that love!