This is a great story about a cat that gets a second chance and, everyone involved, is the better for it.

A two-legged cat has turned into an online celebrity after amassing more than 30,000-strong following her on Instagram alone. Lil’ Bunny Sue Roux, known as Roux, was adopted by Jackie Deak Akey from New Orleans in 2014. Roux had been taken to an animal shelter after being born without her two front legs result of a congenital abnormality.

Jackie explained to MeowBox that Roux is living an extremely happy life despite the lack front legs.

“Roux has adapted to walking on her back paws by keeping the lowest part of her hind legs flat to give her more balance, just like a kangaroo,” Jackie said.

She also noted that the almost 2-year-old feline may be fitted with prosthetic leg in future to enable her to walk with more ease. This would help reduce the pressures that her walking style would put on her back.

Despite her disabilities, Roux is no different to any other cat. She not only enjoys playing with her toys and sisters, but also enjoys many same activities that four-legged cats love doing.

“Roux enjoys eating, sleeping, begging for more treats, stretching, watching the fish tank and many more activities that normal cats enjoy,” Jackie added.

On Roux’s every picture and video that is posted on the internet, her followers are full of praise for the charming cat and compliment her for her sweet nature. They also praise Jackie’s dedication in ensuring that Roux has a perfect life.

There is no doubt that Roux’s exceptional and inspiring story has helped her get a massive number of followers on Instagram and she is perhaps the most special kitty you will ever see in a long time.

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A photo posted by Roux! 💗 (@lilbunnysueroux) on

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