Hey Little One, Here’s How You Crawl

Dogs, or even other pets, often influence little children in quite a few positive ways. While their presence itself is a blessing in a household, the little things children learn from them is something that even parents can’t teach their growing prodigies.

Whether it is a lesson in giving away uninhibited love, or even a lesson in following rules, dogs often end up influencing little children unknowingly. And then there are times where they even take extra efforts to teach the little human a thing or two about life!

In this video, two pet dogs have taken it upon themselves to teach their little human a few lessons in crawling.

And no, it’s not just some prodding or a few encouraging nudges here.

This one’s a full blown practical lesson in the art of crawling, with the dogs actually putting their bellies to the floor to make sure the baby sees them doing it right, and then follows suit. Cute Overload.