There have been many stories that would surely touch your hurt, but this one will definitely rank up there in the top drawer of these heart-touching and moving stories. As you can imagine, monkeys and dogs may not be the best friends, however, a kind-hearted Indian monkey is proving otherwise. The primate adopted a stray puppy and has since proved that she is ready to protect him with everything, even if that means her life.

Being one of the cutest and touching stories that you will ever come across, the monkey proved that there can, at times, be lots of love between members of the animal kingdom, without considering size or species. While the circumstances of how the monkey and the puppy first met are still unclear, it has been suggested that the undying friendship and love between the compassionate monkey and the stray puppy began when the primate met the abandoned pup on the road, and decided to take him under her wing.

Monkey and Puppy-2

Photos of the two that are now spreading like bush fire shows the monkey angrily fending off dog bullies by baring its teeth apparently to protect the pup from being attacked. She then scoops up the pup as the dogs scatter and cradles it to safety. This strange, but amazing phenomenon that happened in a busy street in India as touched the hearts of many people in the neighborhood who are now providing food for the two friends whenever possible.

Monkey and Puppy-3

Another picture shows the monkey hugging the pup and holding it like a baby while locals look on with pure fascination. The two friends show that there are no problems when it comes to sharing food. The primate is said to hold back and wait until the pup is full before joining in to receive her rewards for it good deeds. If only human beings would have the monkey’s sheer compassion, the world would probably be a better place.Monkey and Puppy-5