Wally the rabbit is looking to dethrone all other pets on Instagram.

Move over Instagram pets, there’s a new viral pet in town. Known as Wally the bunny, this rabbit has become a sensational hit to his 300,000 Instagram followers thanks to a pair of delightfully furry and large wing-like ears that not only makes him special, but also spectacular.

The adorable two-year-old bunny is an English Angora rabbit that lives in Massachusetts with his owner, Molly Prottas. While English Angora rabbits are usually bred for their long soft fur, Wally is somehow different. He has beautifully short body hair, but with long hairy ears that definitely make bold fashion statement.

With Molly in hand to document Wally’s captivating everyday life, the internet is not short of his every move. He likes playing both indoors and outdoors while under Molly’s close watch. As his Instagram photos suggest, Wally is fond of lying down, sitting on the couch, standing, hopping, and of course, posing for the cameras.

Looking at his crazily popular Instagram account, you’ll certainly agree that Wally is a precious bunny, and you’ll want to see what he’s up to on a daily basis. So cool yet so crafty!

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