We love our pets; not just for their beauty, but because they always have a way of making us feel safe in certain situations.

They seem to have the instinctive nature of telling when something is not right or different about us. In most cases, they often find a way of comforting us during such times. For Canadian mom, Liel Ainmar Assayag, her two-year old cat, named Panda, was loving from the time Liel brought her home and grew even more affectionate when Liel was pregnant.

Nanny Cat 01

In defying all the stereotypes about cats not tolerating change well, Panda’s relationship with the pregnant Liel grew even stronger as she began following Liel around the house.

“When I got pregnant, she began following me around the house, placing her head on my belly and purring,” Liel reported.  

Panda adopted a tendency of rubbing against Liel’s belly, perhaps to comfort the tiny life that was growing inside, cuddling her and her growing tummy throughout until her son, Sean, was born.

When Liel brought Sean home Panda was a little confused at first but quickly got over it after smelling the baby. The tuxedo cat appeared to instantly realize that baby Sean was the little brother she’d been waiting for for nine months.

“Panda loved my baby and kept him safe for nine months inside, and still does the same on the outside!” Liel wrote on her Facebook post.

Sean is three months old now and Panda’s love and affection continues to grow.  Not only does Panda give Sean cuddles during the day, Panda also calls out to let Mom know when Sean has woken up during the night.  Mom’s quite happy to with her four-legged nanny all around!

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