Meet the Cleverest Dog Ever

Without mentioning those movie-acting dogs, there are actually some pooches out there that are way too smart. One dog that epitomizes such a unique group is Lucy, a Labrador retriever who has learned a lot including ringing the doorbell to go inside the house. Yeah, you read it right; ringing the doorbell.

In a video that’s doing rounds on the internet, Lucy does her best to get away from the cold weather by trying to getting inside the house. She tries to open the door first, but when it doesn’t work, she doesn’t lose hope like many other dogs would. The visibly persistent pooch then barks, and when there’s no response, she resorts to the cleverest thing you’ve possibly seen a dog do: Ring the doorbell!

As you’d expect, her owner is totally bewildered to find out that it’s actually his dog that rang the doorbell. He must be a very proud owner of such an intelligent dog. OMG! We’re absolutely impressed.

This is even better than this considerate dog that wipes his paws on a doormat before going inside. So smart!