Meet Hulk, The World’s Biggest Pitbull Weighing a Whopping 180 Pounds

For a dog to make international headlines, he must be startling at one thing or the other. One such dog made it to the top of international headlines not for anything else, but for his gigantic size. Known as Hulk, this dog is a pitbull owned by Marlon and Lisa Grannon from New Hampshire in the United States.

The enormous pitbull weighs an incredible 180 pounds (81.65 kgs) and easily towers over his handlers when standing on his hind legs. While most American pitbulls were created as fighting dogs by crossbreeding bulldogs, terriers and mastiffs, Hulk is known to be different in the sense that he is calm with well-balanced temperaments and is suitable as a family pet. Nonetheless, Hulk is also a trained professional guard dog.

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His astonishing weight and size may make him scary, but he has an adorable side and is obviously a gentle giant. There are pictures showing him cuddling eight lovable puppies that he has fathered. These puppies are said to be worth a cool $500,000 that’s if they are trained by Hulk’s owners’ to become elite protection dogs.

Marlon and Lisa agree that Hulk can easily snap a man’s arm like a toothpick with just one bite, but he is so gentle to nuzzle and lick his adorable brood that could one day grow to inherit their father’s crown, who is also still growing. Having been with Hulk since he was born, the family says that they love him and trusts him 100% even with their 3-year-old son, Jordan, despite Hulk’s imposing size and capability. Marlon notes that Jordan and Hulk are best friends. Hulks gentleness goes all the way and even lets Jordan to enjoy a ride on his back around the house and also sing, dance and pose for pictures together.

The Grannon family who operates the Dark Dynasty K9 is known as one of the best in the business of breeding and training police dogs and guard dogs. Having trained some of the best dogs in the business, Lisa and Marlon are quick to say that they have no plan to sell Hulk, no matter what. They even admit that they have turned down many offers for him that goes as much as hundred thousands of dollars because of the love, trust and loyalty that they have for this unique giant.

Being such a giant, Hulk consumes up to 4 pounds of solid ground beef every day, among other things. He may be the world’s biggest pitbull and a force to reckon with, but he is well-trained to remain fearless, sweet and obedient.

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