This pooch is livin’ the life and lovin’ every minute of it.

Step aside classy dogs of Instagram, Aspen the Mountain Pup is here to fill the adventurous side of Instagram that you’ve all been avoiding. The Golden Retriever is the newest Instagram sensation and he’s taking internet by storm not just because of his beauty, but for proving that dogs can be more than just man’s best friend; they can also be man’s best traveling buddy.

The four-year-old dog lives with owners Hunter and Sarah Lawrence in Denver, Colorado and spends most of the year in the mountainous state doing what he knows best: going out for larger-than-life adventures in the Colorado wilderness. This has enabled him to make a name for himself on Instagram with more than 160,000 adoring followers relentlessly waiting for his next photo from another adventure.

The Golden Retriever 01

It looks like Aspen loves nothing more than interacting with nature. He loves kayaking, sledding, swimming in mountain lakes, cruising in canoes, posing around a VW Camper van and even owns a backpack and sunglasses for hiking purposes. He has so far traveled in 8 different states, but seems to love Colorado the most. According to Hunter;

Aspen is really at home in the snow and sometimes even tries to eat snowballs. He loves getting buried in the snow and likes diving in the cold water.”

No wonder he’s called the “mountain pup”.

The Golden Retriever 04