Could it have been a bubble blowing competition?  Maya literally blows away her Husky pal in the video…he had a bowl of water too, just no technique.  And, it appears, no interest.

Okay, just kidding…

Just when we thought the cats of the internet would be ruling the online world for good, along comes a video that shows just how cute dogs can be too.

Maya is a Siberian Husky that has discovered the art of blowing bubbles, and no, she doesn’t need the soapy concoction that kids love either. All she needs is her water dish, and looking as lazy as she could possibly be, Maya dips her adorable face into the water and instead of simply drinking it up, starts blowing. The bubbles that ensue as well as the rhythm that Maya creates is certainly the best thing to witness!

While her human Kent Duryee has been gracious enough to share this video on a YouTube channel, certainly making our day, there is also the worry that Maya may end up inhaling the water while blowing those bubbles.  Though Maya’s Husky pal in the video doesn’t seem concerned about that, or the bubbles, whatsoever..he doesn’t even seem the least impressed by Maya’s feat.

One look at the “I’m forever blowing bubbles” video though, and you know that Maya is quite the bubbles artist, if there was one. With her paws lying on both sides of the dish, the water spilling out of the dish is hardly a concern here. All that Maya is interested in is the bubbles!

The simplest actions of our pets often make for the cutest moments of our day and Maya, the dog that makes bubbles, already has almost a quarter million views to her credit. Count the number of smiles she has put on all those faces and you know Duryee is one of the luckiest pet owners out there!