No we don’t mean it in a bad way, we actually mean pigs who love to surf.

By any means, Kama is not your average pig. This lucky Polynesian pig has some serious surfing skills and when he jumps on to the surf board with his owner we know they’re gone to hit some cool ocean waves.

Together with his human owner Kai Holt and Kai’s son Braiden, the three are veteran surfers. They’re residents of Oahu, Hawaii and can always be seen shredding the heavy waves of Hawaii with their breathtaking skills. Kama, who weighs around 30 pounds, is a vegetarian and a full-blown pro surfer with sponsors ranging from brands such as GoPro, Safeway, Hurley and Local Motion.

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As if that’s not enough, Kama is actually leading a celebrity life and has starred in his own movie poster and made appearances at local film festivals. And to show that his surfing skills is not a fluke, but something that runs deep in his blood, he has now sired a little hog who also turns out to be a pretty skillful surfer.

Now, as seen in this video, the little piglet is also very confident on the surf board and since joining the family of surfers, the adorable piglet has captured the attention of the world with his dazzling skills and is set to become the same or even better than his dad, Kama.

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