This cat knows how to use tech to its advantage.

A beautiful video of a ‘miraculous kitten’ named Cassidy first appeared in last October after it was posted online by TinyKittens, an animal rescue group based in Langley, British Columbia. The video traced the touching story of Cassidy who is believed to have lost both his back legs at birth and fought to survive for more than nine weeks before help arrived.

Cassidy, who is still under the care of TinyKittens, was first given a tiny wheelchair that is almost similar to this one. However, he has since outgrown them and is now using a much better electric wheelchair – the Roomba vacuum cleaner!

The adorable kitten was born to a feral mother who is suspected to might have accidentally chewed Cassidy’s hind legs as she was trying to cut off his umbilical cord at birth. The struggling Cassidy was spotted in a nearby bush by an individual who brought him to TinyKittens. The poor little kitten weighed just over a pound, had a life-threatening infection and wasn’t able to urinate on his own.

Cassidy, who is said to have the “heart of a dragon,” thrived against all odds to fully recover, even though he remained amputated and had to use his tiny wheelchair to move around. However, this latest video shows that Cassidy no longer requires the wheelchair or prosthetic extensions to move around. He’s discovered a new way of moving around, which is even better. You go kitty, You go.