Beautiful shots of these aqua creatures.

A photographer is a patient artist, anticipating and then knowing deep within when the moment is right to capture the true beauty of his subject, but before that there are several details he needs to zero in on.  But when he gets it all right, the result is a stunning combination of light and colors, and in some works, emotions too.


Visarute Angkatavanich, a photographer based in Bangkok, Thailand, is quite the patient artist that way, and he needs to be, considering that the subjects of his photography do not keep still even for a moment.  His subject matter you ask, fish.


And to top that, Angkatavanic’s efforts are not restricted to simply clicking photographs of fish doing what they do best, simply swim and look elegant, but to capture images that make his already beautiful subjects look like they are effortlessly suspended in mid-air!


Against a black background, Angkatavanich captures these high resolution pictures of some of the most beautiful fishes in the world, making them look like they are actually flying against the backdrop of the night sky, and the results are stunning and captivating in every way.


You can head to Angkatavanich’s page on to check out his entire collection of photographs of enchanting fishes like Siamese Fighting Fish, Gold Fish, and many more. In a few photographs, he even manages to make a few domestic species look stunning!

fish-4 fish-3 fish-2 fish-1