This is one of those great stories that reaffirms that there’s goodness in the world today.

Reminiscent of the story of a dog from India that captured the imagination of the world, another dog from Athens, Greece is making similar waves after finding love that she could not anticipate, not even for a second. The five-year-old stray dog of mixed breed had been aimlessly wandering on the streets of Athens in April, 2015 with possibly a worst degree of mange that had hardened her entire body into a stone-like manner.

Stone-Dog-08Completely touched with the plight of the dog and the difficulties that she had to go through, a kind-hearted woman did all she could. She simply took the pictures of the starving dog and posted it on Facebook with hope that a kind-hearted dog lover would take notice and come to the rescue of the stray dog. According to the woman, the dog appeared very sick and absolutely terrified of humans. It was easy to notice that she had never interacted with humans and could aimlessly run away, despite lacking enough energy whenever anybody came close to her.


Image Source: Valia Orfanidou

In fulfilling the wish of the woman, Valia Orfanidou, a volunteer from Save a Greek Stray took notice of the Facebook post about the dog and took it upon herself to capture and rehabilitate the stray dog. Having rescued many dogs over the years, Valia had complete knowledge of how to go about the dog’s saddening and heart-wrenching condition.


Image Source: Valia Orfanidou

Valia’s first move was to name the dog. She named her Petra, a name that translated to “Stone” in Greek. With a severe case of mange, Petra had to undergo extensive treatment for mange and other deadly diseases. One such disease was a horrifying infection known as leishamiasis that had been caused with ghastly spread of bugs on Petra’s body.


Image Source: Valia Orfanidou

In addition to these deadly diseases, Petra’s interaction with humans and fellow dogs was at the lowest level possible, perhaps for not having lived with humans or amicably interacting with fellow canines before. Understandably so, Petra was not in the right frame of mind to interact with anybody. She would growl with anger and hide whenever she was approached in her cage by anybody or any other dog.


Image Source: Valia Orfanidou

Even though it was a real challenge to interact with Petra, Valia and her colleagues never lost hope and their persistent paid off after some few weeks. Petra became interactive, braver, friendlier and more outgoing than before. This process was a slow process that required utmost patient. She began by wagging her tail and was more eager to play with fellow dogs in the shelter.


Image Source: Valia Orfanidou

Having had her awe-inspiring journey from a stone-like dog to the lovely-looking Petra documented, it is quite hard to believe that the scared scrawny mange-ridden stray dog would be turned to Petra; the happy, healthy and lovable pet.


Image Source: Valia Orfanidou

Check out a video on Petra’s journey below: