Know How It Feels to Stare Deep into the Eyes of Wildlife

Photography is a magical medium, giving you permanent memories that would otherwise have been swept away with the winds of time. Then, there are those magical photographs that offer you experiences you may never have even dreamt of having in real life.

Konsta Punkka is a photographer who spends hours waiting for the right moment, so that we have these wonderful experiences of the latter kind.

Based in Finland, this nature and lifestyle photographer presents his followers on Instagram with images that are truly breathtaking. While catching wild animals in action is a dream for every avid photographer, Punkka takes his passion a step further. Waiting for hours on end to catch forest creatures displaying their most natural behaviors, Punkka becomes one with the forest instead of simply being an outsider, and his images will tell you just that.

For Punkka, it’s always about the safety and the comfort of the animal first.

“My main goal always is to try to capture the emotions and feelings my animals feel while I take the photos of them. The animals health always comes first and then I get the shots if I can. All animal portraits that I have taken have been done with trust between me and animals. And with patience you earn the trust,” reveals Punkka.

And the work that Punkka has to show is testimony to this commitment.

Here’s a beautiful image of a fox staring deep into the lens. “Camouflage”, says Punkka’s caption, and we can only imagine how this hardworking photographer must have blended into this forest scene to capture such a stunning image.

The Photo Whisperer 1

Here are a few more images where you can look directly into the eyes of some beautiful animals. Use a little of your imagination and you’re sure to feel like they are right there in front of you!

Punkka calls himself the “Squirrel Whisperer”, but these images will tell you that this photographer’s magic works with more than just the squirrels!

The Photo Whisperer 2

The Photo Whisperer 3

The Photo Whisperer 4

The Photo Whisperer 5