Star Wars fans know no bounds and always want their pets to be in on the action.

For those of us who thought that Jedis (the mystical knights in the Star Wars films) couldn’t be cute, this was an eye-opener that proved us wrong. You may not be ready to fully absorb this, but the truth is; there’s Star Wars: The Pug Awakens in real life.

Known as the Pug Crawl, this is an event that takes place on a yearly basis at a brewery in Portland, Oregon. Luckily for the fans of droids and dogs, this year’s theme for the animals was “Star Wars Pets” and participants didn’t disappoint.

The event that’s organized and hosted by the Oregon Humane Society brought to the fore various Star Wars dressed pugs that were definitely spot on. And as these photos show, most of the galactic pugs were surely adorable and cool. You just have to scroll through them because they’ll make any day much better.