Experienced dog trainer takes on cats. Again.

For Robert Dollwet, training dogs was the original focus of his 30 year professional career, first in his home state of California, and after his move in 2010, in the Gold Coast of Australia. Dollwet has trained dogs for Hollywood movies and the TV industry, for work in the military, and has assisted countless owners with their pets. As an animal behaviourist, Dollwet also assisted dogs in overcoming aggression and other disorders, helping dogs and humans to understand each other and become happy family members together.

Dollwet then came up with the idea of starting a YouTube channel to further educate people about caring for cats, and to showcase their intelligence and ability to be trained. To kick things off in April of 2012, he adopted a energetic thirteen-week-old kitten and named her Didga. Featured on the Youtube channel herself, Didga also rides skateboard, surfs in the pool on her doggy buddy, and so much incredibly more, garnering over 40 million views since then. For a look at Didga’s feats, check out our recent story here. Dollwet has experienced such success with Didga, he has stopped training dogs, at least for the moment, focusing on cats.

In August of 2015, he adopted a then eleven-week-old Bengal kitten he named Boomer (short for boomerang), a little brother and permanent playmate to rock Didga’s world. Dollwet captured Boomer’s first days and initial meeting with Didga on this entertaining video:

Much training and much later, Boomer has taken to the skateboard to show his moves on this video – which we must say, is quite entertaining, well shot and has music as well!

Catch more of Boomer and Didga on their Youtube channel, CatmantooYeah, we’re addicted…