Quick update, as we were finishing this post we were informed that Wheelz passed away earlier this week.

Ok, so maybe we have soft spot for animal stories, but this one really got to us for a whole bunch of reasons and we had to share it.

You’ve perhaps come across it on your social media platform, but if you haven’t, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. The clip of an adorable baby bunny tucked on a homemade wheelchair with a considerate family promising to give him the love he deserves forever. The story of Wheelz, the white little bunny, has touched the hearts of millions after his story came to light.

The story that led Wheelz to this unfortunate condition may not be heartwarming, but at the end of it, you’ll probably agree that the little cute rabbit should be crowned the most adorable bunny in the world. Wheelz’ first video was posted on Facebook by Overlook Acres last week. The small farm that is located in New York posted the video of the days-old white rabbit scooting around in a homemade scooter, but the caption note that accompanied the video was touching. It narrated how the owners of the farm had saved the little rabbit after they found him out in the cold with his hind legs completely paralyzed after spending many hours out in the freezing temperatures.

According to Overlook Acres, they had found Wheelz “Stiff and half frozen” and brought him to the farm to revive him. In normal cases, the rabbit would have been put down to take him out of his misery, but it seems that Wheelz had a  strong will to live. The farm owners could see how Wheelz had trouble moving around and could not hop around like his fellow rabbits. At first, they thought that it could be a possible sign of spinal injury caused by an attack from an older rabbit. But after a closer look, they discovered that Wheelz’ hind legs had been paralyzed after spending quite a long time in very cold temperatures which would have probably eventually killed him.

They noticed how determined Wheelz was to overcome the paralysis and fight for his tiny fluffy life. Touched by his determination, they decided to give the lucky bunny another shot at life by making him a $1 skateboard that acted as his wheelchair. The tiny little toy skateboard brought massive joy to Wheelz as he can now use it to scoot around faster than other baby bunnies.

The farm owners have now created a Kickstarter page and are hopeful that it will help them create a children’s book based on Wheelz’ story. Until then, just take a look at this amazing video that will melt your heart.