Parker the pug had a rough start, moving into foster care from an abusive home.

Walk into the Park Hyatt Chicago and you will find yourself in the company of a rather cute-looking concierge:  a five-year old pug named Parker, and although Parker may not be able to assist with all the guest’s requests, she has become quite popular nonetheless.

Parker was first rescued in Tennessee by Paws Chicago, and they have been nursing her back to health from her physical and emotional traumas since November last year.

The founder of the animal care institution, Paula Fasseas, revealed to Today just how bad Parker’s state was:

“She was found with painful, oozing skin tags, an irreparably damaged eye and a delicate respiratory pattern. In addition to her basic vaccinations, microchip and spay surgery, our veterinary team performed major dental surgery to remove rotten, infected teeth, an ultrasound, blood work and treatment for urinary tract infection,” she said, and that does sound bad indeed.

However, Parker got back on her feet, and even though she lost her eye, this minor impediment wasn’t a deterrent for her new owner, Walter Brindell.  Brindell, Park Hyatt Chicago’s manager, recently adopted Parker and even made her the hotel’s new concierge, Today reported.


“When she came out, it was just complete pleasure. We were looking for a dog that was not high energy and a dog that was going to be very child-and-pet-friendly,” says Brindell.

Parker’s vision doesn’t seem to come in the way of her daily duties as the concierge of the hotel, and she suits the bill just fine says the hotel manager.  In the short weeks Parker has been on duty, she’s attracted a lot of attention, whether posing for pictures, hanging out in the lobby, or escorting guests to their room.

Well, the next time you happen to walk into the Park Hyatt Chicago, we do hope you run into this one-eyed hero, and we also hope Parker’s in the mood for a few selfies and photos!

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