This is a story about a dog that has the internet abuzz and hearts warming across all points of the globe.

He may not be like the rest of the dogs, but he is still a special dog that has won the hearts of many on the internet and around the world. This was after his plight was showcased by a canine rescue team in a story that could now have a happy ending. Thought to be one of the world’s 13 dogs with a hunchback or a short spine syndrome, Quasimodo is affected by a rare condition that makes his spinal cord and back compressed and extremely short.

The 5-year-old German shepherd homed by a canine rescue team, Secondhand Hounds, in Minnesota is said to have spent his whole life in a kennel. Nonetheless, he is now being given a new shot at a new happy life. According to an update to Quasi’s 63,500 fans on Facebook, he will be seeing a specialist who will treat him of a few disorders and ailments. The specialist will also fix a vertebra deformity in the tail. It is however, noted that his deformed back, which does not cause him any pain, cannot be surgically mended.

Quasi’s minders at Secondhand Hounds reported that they first took him to a vet when he was brought under their shelter. The vet confirmed that his rare condition was genetic and does not have anything to do with lack of space or neglect. A coordinator at the shelter noted that they were purposely contacted to take care of Quasi because he is one of the few dogs in the world with such special needs. The coordinator also said that Quasi cannot turn his head as a result of his condition that does not, in any way, affect his daily activities.

Having had a Facebook fan page called ‘Quasi the Great’ created last Thursday in his honor and to create awareness of his condition and existence, the page has been awash by emotional comments about the special dog. Many were sincere to admit that they had never witnessed anything like this before. One commenter perfectly summed it up; “Quasi may not be as appealing as his fellow dogs out there, but his beauty is beyond words.”

Many also volunteered to adopt Quasi, but his minders pointed out that he would not be up for adoption until they are very sure that he is healthy and with a perfect temperament