Popeye is the Latest Foodie Star

Food porn has turned into one of the most followed trends on Instagram and every time there’s a new star on the scene, the platform goes berserk. Well, this time around it isn’t a human professing his or her love for food that has everyone talking. It’s a cute little dog named Popeye, and this foodie pup is sure churning the food pics like never before.

If it’s your love for food that gets you grooving on Instagram, you just can’t miss out on all that @popeyethefoodie has to offer. An adorable little pup with a face that lights up with a smile every time a gorgeous looking plate of food is set before him.  Popeye is the latest food aficionado on the block and this cute face has the food porn wondering whether they love the food at the table more than the furry face behind it.

Along with his human in tow, this furry foodie doesn’t just check out all the stuff that’s on the menu at Dip’s Grill, which is the family owned and run Vietnamese joint in Alhambra, California, but also does a good job of checking out all of other joints too.

Here’s Popeye with a couple of pogo dogs and some fries.

Popeye the Foodie 03

Here he is eyeing a Tropic Thunder cocktail.

Popeye the Foodie 05

Oh, and he loves his desserts, sundaes, croissants, donuts and waffles. OH My!

Popeye the Foodie 04

Popeye the Foodie 02

Popeye the Foodie 01