Well it might catch on as the next biggest thing in exercise, but we’re not sure everyone out there can have their own polar bear trainer.

This is a cool video of a man leading a polar bear through a delightful yet side-splitting workout routine has led to differing opinions over what the true intentions of the dangerous carnivorous might have been.

The footage shows the creature, in a reinforced glass pen, mimicking the man’s actions as he performs push-ups outside and as the man energetically moves up and down, the polar bear also dives beneath water, ostensibly following the man’s instructions.

However, this harmonious exercise session between the man and the beast has brought differing interpretations on Twitter with many people suggesting that the animal is up for something fishy.

“This bear obviously wanted to bite off that dude’s face,” wrote @raypettersen.

What’s your take on this, is the bear into working out or was he just looking for a late morning snack?