Artist takes it one step further.

Every pet owner believes (or claims for that matter) that their pet is the best in the world. These pet lovers will describe their pets loving and alluringly and for talented pet illustrator, Chris Beetow, those descriptions are all he needs to perfectly and magically create an interestingly accurate portrait of now just your pet’s physical features, but the emotional ones as well.

Instead of concentrating on how your pet looks, Beetow captures the inner personality of your pets depending on how you describe them. In a series titled, “Inner Pet” Beetow draws a variety of pet portraits in a way that vividly encapsulate the side of the animals that only their owners can wholly understand.

The illustrator from Vernon, Wisconsin admits that according to the descriptions, some animals are goofy, some are cranky, and some are loveable while others are clever.

“I always request the owners to give me a sense of their pets’ personalities,” he says. “When I draw them, I try to exactly portray that and I’m very touched and sometimes cry when the pet portrait has passed because it means I’ve hit the mark,” he adds.

From the look of things, it’s evident that Beetow has hit a lot of marks.