Well we’ve always admired people who speak their mind and we guess that this can also be extended to our feathered friends.  We like you Jojo, we like you.

Jojo maybe a rescued parrot, but she is one cockatoo that you definitely do not want to mess with. The way she goes on an expletive rage, full of unprintable words simply shows how annoyed she is. The parrot sounds like she is swearing as she supervises a round cage being destroyed.

It is alleged that round cages are not good for birds and can be dangerous for them as they need corners to perch on. It was for this reason that Jojo had to supervise the round cage being destroyed just to make sure that it is completely destroyed. Jojo watches a rescuer stamp on the cage before going on a swearing rant.

The video that was uploaded by Saskatoon Parrot Rescue in Canada has gone viral, garnering more than 1.5 million views.