We all know its supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, but these pups don’t have a chance.

Dogs are always known as man’s best friend, not just for their heartwarming companionship and protection, but because of their loyalty and honesty. But when these loveable pets makes a real mess of the surrounding and are confronted by their owners, they tend to look remorseful and switch to that face that looks to say; “I didn’t do it.”

And because we believe in the power of justice where we are all innocent until proven guilty, it at times goes well to give your dogs the benefit of doubt even if it looks so clear that they were behind the mess. In the following photo galleries, the featured dogs are not just taking lessons for their shaggy mess, but also look to be so adamant that they didn’t do it.

It is clear that when confronted for causing the total mess at their feet, these adorable canines look at their owners innocently and regretfully. While some dogs are smart enough to wipe their paws before entering the house, these dogs seem to be struggling to master the concept of not tearing furniture apart. Their innocent faces truly betray their crimes.

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