Local pet shelter makes pets stars and adoption soars.

While dogs are among the most loyal animals and best friends to human beings, it is always saddening, heart-wrenching and haunting to read numerous stories of dogs that are either mistreated or abandoned in very dire conditions. In most cases, these stories always end in very sad calamities that show just how some people are very cruel.

Even with such fears, there are still millions of homeless dogs and cats out there that need hospitable pet lovers to offer them better living conditions. And to help link perfect pet lovers with some stray dogs, animal rescue and society organization, Humane Society of Utah, has invented a very special and incredible way of helping dogs in their shelter get adopted by kind pet lovers.

The organization hired professional photographer, Guinnevere Shuster, who was tasked with creating a special photobooth-style shoot for every dog that was ready and up for adoption. These shoots would capture and showcase each dog’s winning personalities in passport-style images. The adorable images would then be used to model the dogs to would-be adopters by showing how the pooches are loveable and adoption-ready.

To the surprise of the organization, the idea quickly paid off with 93.26% of the dogs already adopted by pet lovers who learned about the dogs after seeing their lovely personalities on photos posted on the organization’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. The heart-melting photos of these dogs were a clear indication that every man’s best friend has a very unique and interesting personality. Nonetheless, most of the pooches are smart and funny and will probably never fail to make their new owners laugh.

Having started this brilliant initiative in 2014, the organization notes that it has helped more than 20,000 animals find new homes. Most of these dogs have already found new home, thanks to the sparkling photobooth initiative.