Not Sure You Want to Leave Your Pooch Unattended While You Run in to do an Errand?  Well Fear Not, Because the new Dog ‘Park’ is Here.

Virtually all dog owners have found themselves literally between a rock and a hard place when running errands with their dogs in tow. It is that situation where you want to pick a few goods in the store, but considering that you have your dog with you; you are in a dilemma whether it is safe to leave him/her inside the car or outside the store. To help curb this headache, a New York woman has now launched pay-by-the-minute kennels that help dog owners comfortably and safely protect their lovely pets from all the public elements when running errands.


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It is against the law in many states to leave a dog inside the car even for a few minutes. According to animal rights societies, the dangers that the dog is exposed to when locked in a car is real in the sense that the dog’s vital organs can start shutting down in a matter of minutes. This follows a study that shows that a car’s interior can heat up to 99⁰C in ten minutes when it is 80⁰C outside whether all the windows are rolled down or not.

Other than that, no dog owner would want to have his/her lovely dog stolen, escape, get hurt or eat anything poisonous for the mere reason of being left in the parking lot outside a store when the owner is in the store running some quick errands. To avoid these unfortunate scenarios, Brooklyn resident, Chelsea Brownridge has come up with a creative solution called, Dog Parker, to help pet lovers to safely ‘park’ their dogs while running errands.


Brownridge’s innovative Dog Parker was inspired when she had to leave her puppy, Winston, at home so that she and her friends could go out for breakfast. She has now come up with an amazing solution for dogs like Winston to safely wait outside while their owners are in restaurants or running errands.

After carrying out the first tests of the Dog Parker kennels in front of a retail store in Fort Greene, Brooklyn back in October 2015, the project is now being rolled out fully in New York cities with a planned 100 Dog Parker units across Brooklyn come spring, as well as many more in other cities across the country through the Dog Parker App where members are charged 20 cents a minute with many incredible amenities included.

This innovative Dog Parker solution seems a better option than leaving your dog in the car or by tying them unguarded outside a store, but would you use it?