Another Cat is Taking Over the Internet.  While there’s Noting New about Cats and the Internet, This One Will Warm Your Heart.

Less than a week ago, the internet was awash with a tiny beautiful kitten from San Diego, with eyes and furrow brows that made him look worried all the time. As events have it, the cat named Bum is now taking over the internet with its perpetually worrying looks after his owner, Courtney Morman, 24, created an Instagram account as a platform of showcasing Bum and to raise awareness for such like cats in the process.

The Instagram account, ‘Worried_Cat_AKA_Bum’ that Morman created less than a week ago has garnered 14,9K followers with many quickly noting Bum’s eternally worrying yet adorable eyes and brows.  According to Morman, Bum is super funny, happy and totally fine with no health problem. Morman also notes that Bum has a sharp vision and is an expert bug-catcher, as well as being so good in playing with toys.

Morman is said to have fallen in love with Bum when he was brought to the San Diego’s Kitten Nursery where Morman works. Bum was five months old when Morman adopted him and named him after Baseball player, Madison Bumgarner. Morman admits that his choice of name was based on Bumgarner’s scruffy look, something that had always impressed her.

Despite his perpetually worrying eyes and brows, Bum is an anxious pet with a loving personality that makes him so smart and loveable. Nonetheless, Bum is shy when meeting people for the first time, but will cuddle with those he is familiar with. Meet the new kitten celebrity of Instagram. You will definitely love him for his eternally worrying looks, but his goofy antics will show just how bright and smart he is.