Makeovers Never Looked So Good!

Just when we thought dogs and puppies were losing the internet war to cats and kittens, along comes Grace Chon with her amazing before and after photographs, giving some well needed points to canines and canine lovers everywhere.

Clicking some of the cutest pictures of dogs before and after their haircuts, Chon makes these cuddly canines look even more adorable. And you simply have to see these images to know just how amazing they truly are.

While the dogs certainly look unkempt – yet adoring at the same time – it is a grooming session at Healthy Spot that truly makes them look like little celebrities of their world. The Japanese grooming styles used on them seems to be making some great magic happen. here.

Let’s start off with one that Chon labels as her personal favorite. It’s Biggie Smalls!

Mighty Makeovers...Canine Edition 1

Mighty Makeovers...Canine Edition 2

Here’s one with two dogs showing off their before-after looks.

Mighty Makeovers...Canine Edition 3

This dog called Raider makes us wonder if we are the only ones who find his new hairstyle cool. This one here is sure one smug-looking dog, if we’ve ever seen one!

Mighty Makeovers...Canine Edition 4

Mighty Makeovers...Canine Edition 5