This dog has more hairstyles than most people.

Well, when just when we believed that Wally the rabbit was gorgeous enough to dethrone all other pets on the internet, we came across this attractive little pup, who may have just outshone him. Well at least in the hair department….

Miho, the little Maltese pup from Seoul, South Korea, has been causing storm on social media, thanks to her flowing hair, transformed into a variety of hairstyles, and a cute sense of fashion.

Given that her hair is adorably long, the loveable pooch has been spotted on Instagram wearing different hairstyles including ponytails, pigtails, and buns. And yes, Miho can wear her buns much better than many of us – pulling off a top bun isn’t an easy task…

Even though she doesn’t have her personal Instagram account, Miho is so cute that she has taken up modelling and is playing a starring role for a pet shop called Moelleux, which has more than 8,000 followers. On the account, little Miho is pictured modelling elegant clothes and accessories such as bows, pearls, jumpers, jackets and delightful hats.

She also looks totally happy when out and about in her high-end outfits and in company of her canine friends. Life at home for Miho looks pretty posh, with her plush bed, fuzzy toys and fancy treats.  She’s is very cool…life is good for Miho.