Combining its love of Cats with its love of Mario Brothers, this company has created a real life video game for its cat’s enjoyment.

Almost a year ago, Catastrophic Creations amazed cat lovers with their futuristic Chain Chomp Cat Bed, which was based on the popular video game, Super Mario Bros. This was a perfect all-in-one bed and play ground for cats that was a real hit with cat owners. To their own admission, Catastrophic Creations agreed that their piece was not efficient enough, leading to the creation of a highly perfect second piece.

Named Mario Cat Complex 2.0, this might be the most perfect creation you will ever see as far as preventing your furry friends from scratching your furniture is concerned. Still based on Super Mario Bros, Mario Cat Complex 2.0 is a creative way of mounting this popular video game into your living room complete with bullets and cannon balls, but this time, it will be the cats that will be playing on it.

This creatively handmade piece not only offers your feline friends a place to relax on, but also pushes and challenges them to do some nice exercises by jumping between various obstacles; hence fighting boredom in the process. This quality cat hangout is a hollow complex made with sisal-lined portals so as to enable cats to jump into and out of each hollow then to the other. These sisal-lined portals are very efficient in declawing the cats and in extensively engaging the cats so that they avoid scratching the furniture within your home.

This improved version of cat bed offers a great resting and hiding place for felines that are shy in nature. The kitty-piece has a door that is amazingly equipped with perfectly hidden hinges, as well as a creatively structured question box made with a pet proof mesh. It is also structured with pre-drilled holes that make it easy to mount on your preferred wall at your home. Other than that, Mario Cat Complex 2.0 comes in two color schemes; one with bright colors and another one with a toned down color scheme.

While this complex piece is designed to capture the attention of your cat pets and prevent them from scratching your furniture, it is a futuristic piece that will keep your cats fully entertained. Apart from being well-polished with attractive color schemes, Mario Cat Complex 2.0 is also sturdy enough to handle your cat. What a creative way of ensuring that your kitty reduces those unwanted extra pounds through amazing exercises!