When you mix a Husky and a three week old kitten on its last legs, you get a heartwarming story about love, compassion and eternal friendship. 

In most cases, cats and dogs are never best friends, but sworn enemies. On the contrary, this story proves different. Little over six months ago, nobody would be clearly certain that Rosie the kitten would survive and become an internet sensation and make it to the international news. This became possible after unlikely hero, Lilo the Husky, literally stepped in and saved Rosie from dying.

As any husky owner will tell you, they are known for their big hearts and unwavering loyalty. When you befriend the Siberian husky, he/she will always be there for you no matter what. That is exactly what happened when a malnourished Rosie was rescued by three sisters after they found her abandoned in the street.

The three sisters, Thi, Thoa and Tram Bui took little Rosie to their home in San Jose, California.  The self-confessed animal lovers felt that little Rosie needed a mother figure to help in boosting her deteriorating health; thereby felt it wise to introduce little Rosie to Lilo, the leader of their three huskies. After a few days, the pair became inseparable and is now spending most of their days together going for two mile walks daily. They chase and play together and also share food.

Rosie has now become a healthy and happy member of the family of four pets. When Rosie is separated from the three huskies to prevent her from getting accidental injuries, the huskies always grunt and howl so that Rosie could be left to join them. Of the bunch, Lilo the husky has become completely inseparable to Rosie. They sleep together at night, and Rosie has even adopted Lilo’s cheeky ways, including sneaking dog food when the sisters are away.